You want to transform your teaching offering and that is awesome!

Whether you are looking to free up some of your precious time so that you can spend more time with your family, or you are convinced about the benefits of group piano for your learners (and after all they are your priority), you are here to be a disruptor, a pioneer. You are excited to learn about what you need to set up group lessons and you are eager to see how you can provide for a group of children, ensuring that each individual is being both supported and challenged. Well we are also excited. Excited to help you in your discovery, to give you some aha moments and to provide you with all that you need to set up and deliver your group lessons.
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Learning Objectives

By completing our flagship course you will eradicate doubt by understanding the following (and then some!):

  • Where can I teach my lessons and what equipment do I need?

  • How many children should I have in a class and how should I group them?

  • How should I plan my lessons to ensure that my curriculum is engaging and includes all the foundations of piano learning?

  • How do I manage the behaviour of my learners?

  • What do I do if one student falls behind or is moving faster than the others?

  • How do I market group lessons to fill my classes?

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Your Instructor - Melanie Bowes

Group piano pioneer, Music teacher, Mum

  • Melanie Bowes

    Melanie Bowes


    Melanie is a music teacher-turned group piano champion. Through her experience as a school music teacher, her various qualifications such as an MA in Music Education, and through her most important role as a mum, she has learnt how children engage with music, how they are inspired by music, and how they best learn music.

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What Teachers are Saying

“Thank you Melanie for a great course. The overview of the KeyNotes program and all the steps necessary to get started were priceless. I am completely impressed with KeyNotes and your experience and knowledge of group teaching is so helpful and encouraging - not just during the course but I can already see how available you will be with any ongoing support I may need. The course has given me a great foundation to start this journey and I can't wait to get started! I highly recommend this to any piano teacher thinking of starting group teaching at all, either using the KeyNotes program or not. Thanks again.”

Emily HilsonEmily Hilson

“This was a fantastic course! Melanie is a very engaging and knowledgable instructor who made the course very enjoyable. The course leads you through everything you need to know about setting up group piano classes, from location and advertising to how to go about teaching piano to more than one child at once. Even though I have already got my group classes underway before starting the course, I was still able to learn a lot and it has inspired me think seriously about setting up new locations! I would definitely recommend this course if you are interested in teaching group piano classes - or even if you are curious to know more about how they work!”

Ellie JaggersEllie Jaggers

“Melanie's course was fantastic. It covered all the aspects required to set-up group piano lessons and the support has been wonderful. Every area from marketing to pedagogy has been covered in detail and it has given me the confidence to go ahead with group piano teaching. I am excited for the future!”

Clare ChawkeClare Chawke

We Deliver

Here's what you will get through taking this course

  • Clarity

    You are likely to have many questions about how you can set up your classes. We have the answers to be able to give you clarity and the confidence to set up your classes. Any questions you have, we will answer them, whether that is through our live teaches or through our support forum.

  • Guidance

    We will guide you every step of the way, from complete group piano novice, to having set up and launched your lessons. You will be able to ask our course leader, Melanie, any questions, having access to her support throughout the entirety of the course (which is why we like to limit numbers!).

  • Community

    You will be asked to join a Facebook group, solely for those members of this course. In our community you will share your success stories, post your implementation tasks, ask for advice and generally receive the full benefit of being able to communicate with others who are on the same path as you. There will also be ambassadors who have already set up their group lessons, to offer advice and a different perspective.

  • Training

    Our live training videos will ensure you are able to ask questions as they come up. If something arises that isn't covered in the live teaches, bonus videos will be made available, making sure that you are absolutely happy with all aspects of setting up your group lessons. Melanie's invaluable knowledge and experience will ensure this course gives you everything you need.


  • I don't have a space in my home/studio to teach groups, should I still take part in this course?

    Yes absolutely! We discuss all sorts of different approaches and options when it comes to finding a space to teach your group piano lessons! Sometimes it's just a matter of thinking outside the box (we're sure there's a pun in there somewhere!).

  • I already have some experience in teaching group piano, is this course for me?

    Yes we have had participants who already teach groups, but wanted to immerse themselves in the possibilities even more! There are also teachers out there for whom groups aren't working so well, we think we know why and we cover this in the course.

  • What if I can't make the live teaches?

    That's fine! A recording will be available in your course platform straight after the live has taken place for you to watch at your convenience (and as many times as you like!).

  • Is this course specific to the KeyNotes program or more generic?

    This is a generic course, although of course we do refer to some of the KeyNotes materials to illustrate areas such as lesson planning and differentiation. At the end of the course, you are able to join the KeyNotes program should you wish to.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome and Prep
    • Welcome
    • Survey: Getting Started
    • Course Dates
  • 2
    Getting Started - 6 May
    • Slides: Getting Started
    • Getting Started: Location, Admin, Policies and Groupings
    • Implementation: Location Tracker
    • Implementation: Contact Checklist - KeyNotes example
    • Implementation: Contact Email Examples - KeyNotes
    • Implementation: Class Set-up - Generic
    • Implementation: Class set-up - KeyNotes
    • Terms and Conditions Example
    • My Music Staff - 90-day Free Trial
  • 3
    Marketing Your Lessons - 13 May
    • Slides: Marketing Your Lessons - Your Message Matters
    • Marketing Your Lessons - Your Message Matters
  • 4
    Delivering Your Lessons - Part One - 20 May
    • Slides: Planning, Structure and Curriculum mapping
    • Planning, Structure and Curriculum Mapping
    • Curriculum Planning Task
  • 5
    Delivering Your Lessons - Part Two - 27 May
    • Slides: Teaching individuals in a group setting
    • Teaching individuals in a group setting
    • Behaviour Management
    • Games Ideas
  • 6
    Course Finale!
    • KeyNotes Workbooks Explained

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What If....

  • ...every lesson was filled with WOW moments (for you as well as your students!)

  • could teach all of your beginners in just a few of your time slots

  • ...your income increased but your teaching hours decreased

  • were given all the tools you needed to deliver your group lessons with confidence

  • had clarity on how to manage all learners' needs within your groups

  • ...your marketing was so successful that your classes were full with waiting lists